Monday, August 15, 2011

Alison Has The Best Buns!

That title gets your attention!

What is it with Kingston, or this new house that gives me the incredible desire to bake constantly? Seriously, I make cookies, or buns, or something similar multiple times a week. I'm going to be one chunky-monkey if I don't slow down.

Maybe it's the excitement of an organized kitchen with plenty of room in it that has me wanting to pull out my kitchen-aide every day. Or maybe it's because no one here knows me, so I can get to know them over a batch of cookies. Or maybe I'm trying to fill this void with sugar. (Probably not a good plan).

Well, it is a good plan if I don't do a good job. Because then I don't feel much like eating it. I made homemade buns yesterday (my sister's recipe which are so incredibly awesome that you eat WAY more than you should) and they did not turn out. Didn't rise. Were really thick and dense. Not appetizing. Usually they're devoured. Not this time. I also made cookies on Saturday, but something went wrong there too and they ended up like cookie pancakes on the cookie sheet. Maybe that's what you get when you rush baking.

So with that track record, I decided to attempt a recipe that I have NEVER done on my own and one that carries with it A LOT of hype and tradition. Smart idea, hey? Grandma Maurine's Potato Donuts. I've heard rumour around the Branch that Tyler has been bragging that I make awesome donuts...The Relief Society has decided to have a Potato Donut cook-off in September for our Cooking Class. Me vs. Corliss. Nice. I've never ACTUALLY made them. I've eaten them...OH I've eaten them. And Tyler's Grandma gave us the recipe and a tutorial the week before we left in case we were ever craving donuts and were too far away to have hers. So today was the test run.

Seriously, donuts take a long time! I called Grandma one time to double-check something, and then I was flying. Started at 11am and was finally icing the last donut at 3:00pm. Of course, I was being a mom too, so that may have slowed me down.

Now I have 75 delicious donuts waiting to be consumed. Good thing the missionaries are coming for dinner tonight...and we're going to a friend's house for dinner tomorrow...75 donuts is WAY too much for this little family.

I'll share pictures, but I haven't asked permission to share the you'll just have to drool. (Don't count the donuts, there are already a few missing!)

I was thinking these would be good dusted with icing sugar right after they come out of the hot oil. More like a beignet. Maybe next time. I have to recover for a few weeks.

I'm also making Bean Dip, Chimichungas and Spicy Rice today. I guess I feel like hanging out in the kitchen. I'll post those recipes (with pictures) tomorrow.